Introduction to the Accursed Legion


The Accursed Legion is an XBOX ONE guild dedicated to providing the best experience for our members in The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. While we seek members to fill our PvP ranks, we support all aspects of the game and hold regular events wherein members can earn Legion Points to rank up in the guild. We also sport a robust Crafting Corps along with a Merchant Point system where members can earn points by trading in unwanted or collected items and materials, then spend their points in the website store to purchase personalized gear and consumables from our master crafters.


GRUNT - Entry level. Prove your worth and earn Legion Points to rank up.

SOLDIER - You are now a true Legionnaire! When we cut the dead weight to make room for new members you will be safe from removal, barring you haven't been inactive for a long period.  You can ask for free food/drink during guild events

WARRIOR - You are a now a major player in the guild and may ask for soul gems for guild sponsored events.

VETERAN - Hey, now you've contributed so much, you can ask for a free set of armor!

CHAMPION - You will gain the ability to claim resources in Cyrodiil in the name of the Accursed Legion, have R/W access to guild bank and can add/kick members

KNIGHT - An old pro, now you can ask for a new set of armor and get 40,000 MP to spend as you please.

CAPTAIN - You will help leadership with duties, assist with events and sometimes lead events if necessary.

GENERAL - You will lead a full Hardcore PvP event at a certain timeslot designated to you.

COMMANDER - These officers are in charge of the branches of our guild; PvP (Baron Von Bearded), PvE (Mystichaos666), Crafting Corps (OnshoreTempest), Mediation (Crom Grimblade), Public Relations (Greywolf34), Mercantile (Rebel74)

ALPHA DOMINUS - Creator and leader of the Accursed Legion guild (DrunkBALLZOUTxx)



While nobody is expected to be a role model citizen, it is important to make sure that everyone gets along at a functioning level. Occasional hazing or ball busting is expected, but remember that not everyone has the same personality or sense of humor. If you have a disagreement with another member it is to be brought up to your Captain. If the issue cannot be settled, you may be moved to another squad. If griefing continues, the offending member may be removed from the guild. If the issue is with your Captain you may report the problem to a General. Griefing by an officer is strictly prohibited and will result in removal from the guild.


The guild often trusts its members with merchandise, especially in the area of the Crafting Corps. Members who take materials or soul gems without returning crafted items or filled gems will be considered stealing from the guild. PvP rations taken at the beginning of events without having participated in the event will also be considered stolen. In either case, the result will be immediate removal from the guild.


We believe in a philosophy of fair game. There is plenty of fun to be had in playing a game the way it was intended. Therefore we expect our members to avoid using any and all cheats or exploits. Anyone found to have used third party exploits such as gold farming, etc. will be removed from the guild.


Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited is a rated M game, designed for audiences 17 and up. We, as an ESOTU guild, require the same of our members.

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