You are the one.

Greywolf34 a posted Jul 22, 17

With summer well underway a lot of us have been busy with families, schedules, and even with some of the new games that have come out and those that will come out. 

Even if you don't see many of the officers in game as much anymore take the opportunity to make this your guild to come too.  Be active by looking at those that are online in the roster and send them an xbox message saying hey, you want to go here and explore?  Want to do some PvP in Cyrodiil? Or just asking for help skyshard hunting or questing. 

Those that have recently joined I'm sorry for some of the inactivity, but it happens.  Though this is your chance to step up and make the most of it. 

As PR Commander I'm still doing some updating of the facebook and this website as well as adding new members and removing inactive members when the time comes.

For those that are interested in joining the guild feel free to contact me Greywolf34.  I can get you an invite into the guild usually on the weekends.

Battle On!